Arriving at El Castillo, 2 hours from Montecristo River Lodge
kayaking tour Sabalos River
Taking it easy kayaking Sabalos River
Coming down the Rio San Juan, El Toro whitewater
Reserva Silvestre Privada
Montecristo the River Lodge

Hotel in Rio San Juan Nicaragua.

We at Montecristo River Lodge keep 6 kayak and 3
canoes for our guess to use at no extra cost around
our lodge.

Most people use then in the Sabalos river or for
short trips around the Island in front of our lodge, we
charge for the fuel to take you to Sabalos river,
about $10.00 for the group.

Our guest are welcome to take canoes or kayak all
the way to el Castillo, is about 2 hours distance. But
you must be responsible to bring back the kayak and
gear, you do that by paying the public boat about
$5.00 per person with kayak, if there is no public
boat we may charge a pick up fee of about $50.00
for the group.

We do offer other option for the more serious
adventurer, we either take them up the San Juan
River,were the Rio Boca Negra joint the San Juan,
for a trip in to the smaller river and then let them
come either to Sabalos river or to our lodge. In this
trip we must charge $40.00 to the group for boat
fuel. This could be a half a day to a full day trip.

Other popular place for a full day kayak trip is
combining Rio Poco Sol, Poco Solito and the trip to
El Castillo. Pick up charges apply. Local guide about
$30.00 per day.

We could offer other kayak destination at an extra
cost to you. We will charge just the cost of bringing
the kayak and gear back to us.

It is possible to take the kayak all the way to San
Juan Del Norte, but this is a few day trip, and require
some planning for camping, is not recommended to
every body just to experience Extreme Adventurer.
Kayak Rio San Juan
Arriving at El Castillo
Boca Negra River, about 20 minut
up river from our Lodge
Sabalos River, about 10 minut from
our lodge
Kayaking Rio San Juan River
Kayaking Sabalos River
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Best eco hotel in Rio San Juan Nicaragua, your ideal gateway to adventure in the rain
forest. Come to our hotel in Rio San Juan and help us save part of the rain forest.
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information on kayaking Rio San
Juan at Kayaking Rio San Juan
Canoeing Rio Bartola at Indio Maiz  
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Kayak and canoe rental for
non-guests of the lodge.

Trip to Rio Sabalos $20.00 per person, minimum
of 2 person per trip

Trip to El Castillo $25.00 per person, minimum of
2 person per trip

Trip to San Juan del Norte a  5 days, 4 night trip,
camping with guide $350.00 per person, minimum
2 person per trip.
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Trip Planing Guide to San Juan del Norte 160 Km of
jungle river adventure.
Asta Maciukaite <>  

Hi Agustin,

i wanted to thank you for Your Hospitality and taking good care of me and my
Our trip down San Juan was tough but worth it. Our guide was great and we had a
good time.
if anyone wants to og to Nicaragua i will absolutelly recommend to contact you.

thanks again.
Attached few pictures if you ever want to use as a proof for your other clients.

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