I want to sell my Eco lodge “Tarpon Camp”  Wild Life Refuge in
Boca de Sabalos, Rio San Juan, Nicaragua., Or get a partner
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I am selling my eco lodge and the land around, or get a partner
investor to take charge of the operation.
 I need to live closer to
a good school for my kids
, mainly my wife want to go live in the
I am very motivated to sell
I operate a tarpon fishing eco lodge and a wild life refuge in the rain forest of
Nicaragua’s San Juan River, I’m getting older and tire of working.

The idea is to refurbish the old cabins and build a few more family cabins
along the river front, refurbish the kitchen and lobby area, get a few extra
fishing boats, and  more solar power to reach 100 % solar. We are off the grid.

The ideal partner or investor will be some one that has experience in the
sport fishing or hospitality industry and that is willing to promote and help
bring more guests. The ideal partner is some one that has connection or
already owns other eco lodge in Central America, some one that knows the

One possibility will be to sell 49 or 51% of our private stock, we could sell up
to 95%, if needed, we are a Sociedad Anonima, is like a corporation, owned
by myself and my son and daughter. I have invested about 1 million dollar so
far, we been in business for 17 year, and we need to upgrade our operation,
but we don’t have the money needed. I came to early into the jungle, it was
hard to get tourist or angler in this neck of the wood.

Now we have cell phone, Internet a new highway, the new bridge Santa Fe
over the San Juan River connect Costa Rica with Nicaragua, with custom and
immigration at both ends.  

The lodge is located river front in our 100 manzanas plus of wild life reserve.
are positioned in our niche market and think the future look brighter, with
a bit of fresh capital.

I'm also plantingG vanilla and cacao, started as a hobby, but know it produce
some petty cash, but the vanilla seems promising, its getting very expensive.

Alfonso Agustin Llanes
Montecristo River Lodge & Reserva Silvestre Privada Montecristo
Investment opportunity in Montecristo Tarpon
Camp,  Rio San Juan, Nicaragua.