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Jungle River Tarpon Fishing Adventure

Special Packages for 2018 fresh water tarpon fishing.


Tour de Pesca

New 2018 Low discounted tarpon fishing package in the rain forest of the San Juan River, Nicaragua.

Basic 3 night, 2 fishing days at $499.00 per person, minimum of two person, double occupancy room and boat, includes room, meals, boat, guide, 5 gallon of fuel, gear.

Fish with Montecristo, the famous tarpon camp of Rio San Juan.

Extra fishing day at $250.00 per day, extra night with meal at $45.00

You may bring your own liquor and tobacco or you arrange for drink at an extra cost.

We fish two anglers per boat, one guide and sometime one deck hand.

Fish day is 8 hour days, starting around 6:00 am resting for lunch at the lodge, fish again from about 2 .30 till 6:00 pm

Tip is voluntary but expected by guide and lodge personnel.

Please book early, we are small eco lodge, we like to operate with less than 12 guesst at the time, preferring small groups of 6 or 4

We can arrange for transfer from airport or hotel in Managua at extra cost.

Pesca de sabalo en Rio San juan de nicaragua

Prices are low now, according to the season, prices will go back to normal, if you are planning on fishing the Rio San Juan, this is the time. Take advantage of our lowest prices ever.

You may contac Mr. Alfonso A. Llanes at montecristoriver@nullyahoo.com

505 86499012 Whatapp

Tarpon Fishing Jungle River Adventure

And the Tarpon Fishing Jungle River Adventure begins, in Rio San Juan, Nicaragua.

Agustin Llanes owner/operator of Montecristo and COPDETOURSJ R.L

Today is the last day of January, our worth fishing month of this year,  we predicted fishing condition will improve the first week of the month.

Mr. Peter Dowling and Mr. Stephen Short two joyful British subjects came from San Juan del Sur, to Rio San Juan, in Nicaragua. They wanted to fish for Marling or billfish in the Pacific Ocean, but the south wind were on strong and was going to be impossible to troll with heavy seas. They decided to come to the Rio San Juan and try for tarpon, the river monster, another big one for the bucket lit.

Mr. Peter Dowling and Mr. Stephen Short

I toll Peter and Stephen, that they will be the guinea pigs, testing how the fishing is improving, because my forecast is that it tend to get better next week. We hope they get lucky and hock a trophy this afternoon.

Jeffrey Dominguez our young resident fishing  guide, with Nani Barrios will be taking them  out fishing the next few days, they both are founding member of Cooperativa de Pesca Deportiva y Turistica de Rio San Juan R.L. (COPDETOURSJ R.L.) 

They went out fishing this morning the first day of February, they saw some tarpon rolling and got two good hook ups, their afternoon look promising.

Peter and Stephen got to fight some of our giant river monster, the famous fresh water tarpon of Rio San Juan. They came for a 2 days of fishing and ended up doing 5 days of fishing. According to them, the experience they gained fighting tarpon, the good food and scenery of the river and the affordable package they got, at Montecristo Eco Lodge, made their vacation special

Learn more about our  Montecristo Tarpon Camp


Fishing Report for Rio San Juan 29 January 2018

The weather is chancing, fishing condition are improving quickly.

tarpon jumpin
Tarpon Fishing


For next week,  light rain is predicted, the forecast indicates we will have a drastic drop in the amount of rain, from 5.0 mm of rain daily, down to 0.3 mm by next week , with temperature between 20 -27 degree C.  Not cold at all, but not too hot under the sun.

I got a report from  one of  COPDETOURSJ R.L,   fishing guides, that he saw a large school of tarpon going up the Devils rapid of El Castillo, Rio San Juan.

My theory is that tarpon come from the Caribbean Sea in to the Rio San Juan en route to Lake Nicaragua at the end of the rainy season. While the river still high enough to swim through all the rapids in their yearly 200 km journey up river. (Some people believe tarpon migrate back from Lake Nicaragua to the Caribbean every two years)

This January was the worth month for tarpon fishing, there were just few tarpon visible and not one got hook around El Castillo area. (I still believe it was due to the long rainy season we been having, but the fact that there were fewer fishermen trying to catch them, also affect the statistic)


My lodge, Montecristo Eco Lodge (the Tarpon Camp of Rio San Juan) has been kind of closed for more than a year, it was hit very hard by hurricane Otto, by now, we were able to salvage a few cabins, and we have the place operational again. We are accepting booking reservation for small groups of two’s with a maximum of eight’s. Contact montecristoriver@nullyahoo.com or Whatapp 505 86499012, you may  also visit our web www.montecristoriverlodge.com


We also lost some of our boat and engines, but we organized COPDETOURSJ R.L. the sport fishing and tourist coop of Rio San Juan, we are now a group of 20 members owner operators, (guides) with a combined fleet of 20 small boat and pangas used for fishing and tours in the river. Our members are based in Solentiname Island on Lake Nicaragua, San Carlos at the mouth of the river on Lake Nicaragua, Boca de Sabalos and El Castillo Rio San Juan, and soon will have member in the Caribbean.

No bull about it! Giant Tarpon fishing in fresh water is available and affordable; we may not warrant or promise you, that you will hook on a river monster, but we will treat you with respect and work hard to help you hook your trophy.

We practice catch and release on tarpon, is the new and strict regulation enforce by INPESCA, (Like the minister of fisheries of the country),


Our standard package is a follows: 3 nights, 2 full day of fishing, room and meal at the lodge for $490.00 per person, minimum 2 person per boat and room. You may bring your own liquor and Tabaco, we provide the rest.

We can organize custom fishing packages and  may be willing to offer discounts to help you budgets. It is possible to fish just a few hours at $35.00 per hour with a minimum of 3 hour. Full day at $280.00 (8 hours)  $140.00 for half day.

Also we may find you  lower priced lodge with no meals included, at around $40.00 per double room, and could also help you arranging transportation, either private or public boats.

We want to take you fishing and we need your business; we are the local’s owner and operators COPDETURSJ R.L. (505) 86499012 Claro Whatsapp, montecristoriver@nullyahoo.com pescariosanjuan@nullgmail.com www.montecristoriverlodge.com

Fishing got skunk for tarpon on early to mid-January 2018

view of the Rio San Juan
Our fisheries for tarpon and snook are just minute away from Montecristo Eco lodge

Got skunk on tarpon fishing on the Rio San Juan.

tarpon fishing
We love tarpon fishing

I don’t know what’s to blame, January generally have been a good month for fishing in the Rio San Juan. We got some good Robalos (snoks) but no tarpon, they were rolling in the morning above the rapid but they did not take the lures and they disappeared for a while after that.  But it may be the weird weather we been having as of Jan 27 still raining on the Rio San Juan, the rain is not uncommon during January, but this year has been excessive to the point that the other affluent that feed the river are pumping large amount of water that carries derbies and sediment, thus affecting the fishing.

The weather  is supposed to change very soon and fishing condition should improve drastically, we have opening for February, March and April when most angler take their vacation, we will be running some special fishing package combining Montecristo Eco Lodge and the new COPDETOURSJ R.L., the sport fishing and tourist Coop. of Rio San Juan.

The Lodge will charge $45.00 per person per night with meal (double occupancy) with a minimum stay of 3 nights. The fishing boat and guides wil be provided by the 20 member, owner operator of the coop. pricing for boat, gear, guide, fuel is $280.00 per fishing day, tip are not included but expected especially when you have a great fishing experience. The boat normally is shared by two anglers (recommended), but it is possible to share with one or two more friends to make it more affordable.

I will take this opportunity to invite everybody  to our annual fishing tournament held in Boca de Sabalos, El Castillo. The cooperative have 20 boat for rent with guide and gear and we have a few lodges and hotels that will run special for the tournament,  it probably be held on July 20, 21 and 22, but dates has to be confirmed.

If you want more info on our fishing packages write to montecristoriver@nullyahoo.com or call Mr. Agustin Llanes at 505 86499012