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It is safe to come fishing to Rio San Juan, Nicaragua

We are not affected by the civil disturbance,

that took place in the cities of Nicaragua during, April, June and July. Slowly things are coming along and the tourist industry is attracting tourist with special discount packages a real bargain, making it the place to visit on your next fishing adventure, escape or vacation.

Montecristo Tarpon Camp
Montecristo Tarpon Camp

Map view of Rio San JuanYou may come via Costa Rica though the new border crossing at San Pancho/Las Tablillas connecting with the bridge Santa Fe on the Rio San Juan, we can arrange for pick up at the border. You also may come by plane on La Costeñas twice per week flight Managua to San Carlos, drive yourself or come by bus from Mercado de Mayoreo in Managua.

Map view from Costa Rica

They are  offering  a starting package at just $40.00 per person per night, room double occupancy with breakfast, lunch and dinner included, minimum of 2 people. Fishing boat, guide, gear at $150.00 per fishing day. * (Reservation are needed for this package)

Great view of the river from Monteristo Tarpon Camp

To arrange your personal or group fishing trip you may contact Mr. Agustin Llanes, (505 86499012 montecristoriver@nullyahoo.com) a local outfitter, he is the owner of the Montecristo Tarpon Camp/Montecristo Wildlife Refuge and the president/manager of the local sport fishing coop. COPDETOURSJ R.L. (pescariosanjuan@nullgmail.com)

Your host Mr. Agustin Llanes

COOPDETOURSJ R.L. the local sport fishing cooperative has over 20 members spread across the whole Rio San Juan, with local owner operator of small lodges, fishing and touring boats, they all are local guides from the Solentiname island, to San Carlos, Boca de Sabalos, and in El Castiillo

For the adventurer in you we also offer a night caiman tour, sightseeing tours on different rivers affluent to the Rio San Juan,  to observe birds and wildlife, hiking tours in Indio Maiz National Wildlife Reserve, We can also arrange canoes/kayak trips as well as waterskiing.

The Rio San Juan has its own interesting historic places and stories, from the Spanish Colonial conquest, the Transit route to California during the Gold Rush era, the pirates of the Caribbean and the British armada conquering El Castillo trying to control the passageway between the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean, during the civil war in the USA. You may learn all about it at the local museum in el Castillo.

El Castillo, Rio San Juan
El Castillo, Rio San Juan

If you are planning on coming in your next jungle river fishing adventure to Rio San Juan, Nicaragua remember Mr. Agustin Llanes your trusted local outfitter/guide.


Fishing Report for Rio San Juan 29 January 2018

The weather is chancing, fishing condition are improving quickly.

tarpon jumpin
Tarpon Fishing


For next week,  light rain is predicted, the forecast indicates we will have a drastic drop in the amount of rain, from 5.0 mm of rain daily, down to 0.3 mm by next week , with temperature between 20 -27 degree C.  Not cold at all, but not too hot under the sun.

I got a report from  one of  COPDETOURSJ R.L,   fishing guides, that he saw a large school of tarpon going up the Devils rapid of El Castillo, Rio San Juan.

My theory is that tarpon come from the Caribbean Sea in to the Rio San Juan en route to Lake Nicaragua at the end of the rainy season. While the river still high enough to swim through all the rapids in their yearly 200 km journey up river. (Some people believe tarpon migrate back from Lake Nicaragua to the Caribbean every two years)

This January was the worth month for tarpon fishing, there were just few tarpon visible and not one got hook around El Castillo area. (I still believe it was due to the long rainy season we been having, but the fact that there were fewer fishermen trying to catch them, also affect the statistic)


My lodge, Montecristo Eco Lodge (the Tarpon Camp of Rio San Juan) has been kind of closed for more than a year, it was hit very hard by hurricane Otto, by now, we were able to salvage a few cabins, and we have the place operational again. We are accepting booking reservation for small groups of two’s with a maximum of eight’s. Contact montecristoriver@nullyahoo.com or Whatapp 505 86499012, you may  also visit our web www.montecristoriverlodge.com


We also lost some of our boat and engines, but we organized COPDETOURSJ R.L. the sport fishing and tourist coop of Rio San Juan, we are now a group of 20 members owner operators, (guides) with a combined fleet of 20 small boat and pangas used for fishing and tours in the river. Our members are based in Solentiname Island on Lake Nicaragua, San Carlos at the mouth of the river on Lake Nicaragua, Boca de Sabalos and El Castillo Rio San Juan, and soon will have member in the Caribbean.

No bull about it! Giant Tarpon fishing in fresh water is available and affordable; we may not warrant or promise you, that you will hook on a river monster, but we will treat you with respect and work hard to help you hook your trophy.

We practice catch and release on tarpon, is the new and strict regulation enforce by INPESCA, (Like the minister of fisheries of the country),


Our standard package is a follows: 3 nights, 2 full day of fishing, room and meal at the lodge for $490.00 per person, minimum 2 person per boat and room. You may bring your own liquor and Tabaco, we provide the rest.

We can organize custom fishing packages and  may be willing to offer discounts to help you budgets. It is possible to fish just a few hours at $35.00 per hour with a minimum of 3 hour. Full day at $280.00 (8 hours)  $140.00 for half day.

Also we may find you  lower priced lodge with no meals included, at around $40.00 per double room, and could also help you arranging transportation, either private or public boats.

We want to take you fishing and we need your business; we are the local’s owner and operators COPDETURSJ R.L. (505) 86499012 Claro Whatsapp, montecristoriver@nullyahoo.com pescariosanjuan@nullgmail.com www.montecristoriverlodge.com

Welcome to Rio San Juan, Nicaragua

Welcome Montecristo Eco Lodge & Tarpon Camp.

The Rio San Juan is an  and fishing tourist destination. Is the place to get your tarpon trophy, the silver king, the river monster?

Fishing time, Sunrise over the San Juan River.
Fishing time, Sunrise over the San Juan River.

The Rio San Juan is home of Montecristo Eco Lodge, your gateway to the rain forest and to a great Tarpon fishing or family vacation.

Montecristo Eco Lodge & Tarpon Camp is centrally located in the best part of the 200 Km long river.  2 Km down river from Boca de Sabalos, and 7 Km up river from the historic ton of El Castillo.

Montecristo is also a wildlife refuge, (Reserva Silvestre Privada Montecristo),  a very important bird area with more than 145 identified birds, over 240 hectare of protected rain forest? There is hiking tail; a few acres are planted with cacao and fruits and they have reforested with local trees like Almendros.

The Lodge Montecristo
Montecristo River Eco Lodge & Private Wildlife Refuge.

The eco lodge & hotel is completely off the grid, they produce they own energy, with solar panels and a diesel generator as backup, the property have two operating water well and they also collect rain water.

Its operation is sustainable and applies better management practices by recycling, reutilizing and reducing garbage. Is an ecotourism destination in Rio San Juan, is a green place.

Reserva Silvestre Privada Montecristo
Aereal view of Rserva Silvestre Privada Montecristo and Montecristo Ecio lodge

Tarpon Fishing Rio San Juan, Nicaragua. 2016-2017

2016-2017 Tarpon fishing Season Report for Rio San Juan, Nicaragua.

Excellent sport fishing report, for Montecristo tarpon camp on the Rio San Juan, Nicaragua, located between the town of Boca de Sabalos and El Castillo, home for giant tarpon and snook.


Tarpon fishing
The Rio San Juan rives is a great place to get your tarpon trophy.

Sport fishing for tarpon should be good the whole season. As late as April 2016, we are seeing a great number of tarpon coming in from the ocean en route to Lake Nicaragua. This un usually high quantity of tarpon coming in during our dry season, when the river is at it lower level, it make me predict a really good 2016-2017 Tarpon fishing season.

We invite you to come Tarpon fishing and release your trophy, a giant river monster.

Like the past few year we are getting more angles coming to our water to try to battle one of this giant tarpon and this year, we will have  130 plus angler in our September fishing tournament, also our river has ben feature in a few sport fishing TV shows like River Monster and other sport channels.

Montecristo River Lodge offer affordable all inclusive tarpon fishing package that start at $649.00 per person for a 3 night, 2 full days of fishing, two anglers per boat. The price includes transportation from San Carlos, the lodge and all meals, fishing boat, guide and fuel. We are taking reservation for our 2016-2017 seasons, please book early.


Giant tarpon are everywhere in Boca de Sabalos, this mean that for the 56 International Tarpon Fishing Tournament in Rio San Juan this coming September 2016 will be very exciting for all participant anglers

Releasing tarpon
Oxygenating to revive a great tarpon, the Silver King after a great battle, a job well done.

To contact Montecristo Eco lodge, follow this link. Please come fish with us, we will treat you VIP.