Canoe & Kayak Aventure in Rio San Juan, Nicaragua.

paddling Rio San Juan

Rain forest jungle river adventure tour:

4 Night, 5 days canoes or kayak tour.

If you crave adventure, the Montecito’s 4 night, 5 days camping & canoeing trip down the San Juan River in Nicaragua might be ideal for you.

Christofer Thomas and Petra Barbara form Germany. 6 January 2020

The tour is ideal for the nature and outdoorsmen enthusiast that wish to get away and turn off himself from the rest of the world for a week.

The Rio San Juan Department is home of the Indio Maíz Biological Reserve,  about 4,500 square kilometers, is the largest rain forest north of the Amazon, and the San Juan river is one of its natural boundaries  for around 160 km.

The tour if full of activities, such as paddling in a canoe or kayak, fishing, hiking, swimming and preparing for camping, it includes night tours for caiman or crocodile’s and other night creatures around the camp.

You will have the chance to explore other little rivers tributaries of the San Juan and be able to do some swimming at few secluded spot along the way, such as a little pond on the Bartola River, and in a little water fall “La Chorrera” coming into the San Juan River from Costa Rica.

Swimming Bartola River
Showering on the water fall

You will fish for your lunch or dinner, but Juan the guide will trap big river shrimps to make a feast in the jungle.

fishing for diner
Fresh river shrip
Hiking rain forest

The guide will provide you with rubber boots to venture into the jungle to explore it vegetation and to look for wildlife, been snakes, frogs, monkeys and slots (the most common), along with a large variety of exotics birds.

You will see and experience the change in vegetation when you get closed to the Caribbean Sea, into the little village of San Juan de Nicaragua.

This is what Thomas Christoffer has to said:

“Hello, the tour was great! Thank you for getting us in touch with Juan. He was a great guide. It feels like he has a sixth sense for spotting crocodiles, luckily he showed them to us ;-). At the start of our 5 day trip we told him as a joke that we would like to see many monkeys, crocodiles, snakes, sloths and iguanas and what happened? He found them all, together with frogs, a little turtle and many birds. Thanks again for your help. Best Thomas and Barbara”

Depending on timing you may expend the night at the Familiar hostel, right at the river bank of the Indio River, close to the river port were the public transportation boat arrive and depart.

Caribbean sea

The return trip could be in one of the public transport boat, about 8 hour trip back to San Carlos or ride back in a small motor boat with the guide, about 11 hours to El Castillo.

For booking this trip lease contact Mr. Alfonso Agustin Llanes at WhatsApp 505 86499012

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