Get into the exciting and mystic world of vanilla, the only
orchid that produce fruit, the legendary vanilla Planifolia that
flavor the modern world.
Do the vanilla tour! in the rain forest.
The tour is set up in Rio San Juan rain forest. In the
Montecristo Wild Life Refuge, were the orchid vanilla
planifolia was rediscovered by Mr. Agustin Llanes.

Is and adventure of discovery, you will live the
experience of a real explorer in the jungle, a rare
experience in this modern age.
The tour is designed for you to collect your own orchid
and have the genetic material to take back to your
place, to start your own vanilla cultivation or orchid

Guest who takes the tour may take with them up to 30
cuttings of vanilla free of charge, If guest want to take
more cuttings, we could negotiate a special price for
Vanilla is currently been introduced as plantation by a
group of expat living in Nicaragua.

Mr. Patrick Werner, An avid explorer of Nicaragua, he is
one of the few experts on Nicaragua’s orchid; he has
been helping friends get started with small vanilla
plantation using cutting from Montecristo.
Growing Vanilla In Nicaragua. By Pat Werner

So far we have provided vanilla cuttings to help start small
plantation around Bluefield, Diriamba, Muy Muy, Leon
and soon in Matagalpa.
Mr. Agustin Llanes is a 62
year old dual citizen of
Nicaragua and the USA., he  
make his living in a small
lodge named “La Casa de
los Llanes”, inside of  120
manzanas of protected land,
(Montecristo Private Wild
Life Refuge) where  he is
been growing vanilla as a
hobby for more than 10
Mr. Llanes is now offering a full vanilla tour where he
teaches you the basic of growing the vanilla orchid.

Cost of the tour:
Lodging and meals is $50.00 per person per night.
Jungle guide $50.00 per day, per group.
Helper with machete $15.00
Plantation guided tour by Mr. Agustin Llanes $50.00 per

Beside the jungle experience they also offer you tarpon
fishing tours.

Fishing tour $250.00 two to four people.

Visit our vanilla webpage or drop us a line if interested, we
will be happy to have you. Whatapp 86499012

vanilla planifolia flower
Montecristo Reserva Silvestre Privada
Vanilla Pompona vines
vanilla Pompona flower
The Jungle walk tour is like and expedition in search of
the vanilla Planifolia in their natural environment, it
could last from a few hours to a full morning or

You will need a small backpack with water, insect
repellent, gloves, hat, wear long pant with long sleeve
shirt, boots, take a machete and a pair trimming scissors
This is a guided tour for individual or small group, the
guide could assist you in collecting, but you must do
your part. The guide charge $50.00 per day/tour
up the tree coecting the vines
helping hand
in the jungle
loogo Montecristo Tarpon Camp
For sale, vanilla Planifolia cutting
We have two varieties’ the vanilla
pompona and the vanilla
Planifolia from Rio San Juan
Vanilla Nicaragua