Vanilla is a high value
orchid that grows on
trees around other
crops, like cacao.

Here at Reserva Silvestre
Privada Montecristo started
growing the vanilla pompona
about 12 years ago as a hobby
and as tourist attraction, now we
have practical knowledge of the
whole process, from starting a
new plantation with fresh
cuttings, to the pollination of the
flower and the curing of the

The orchid vanilla planifolia was
rediscovered 3 year ago by
Agustin Llanes in his private
natural reserve on the Rio San
Juan, where we planted and
grew to maturity the vines, and
last year some were pollinated
and developed into pods.
vanilla pompona flower
vanilla planifolia pod
Vanilla in Rio San Juan Nicaragua
Vanilla Pompona                     Vanilla Planifolia
Now we offer vanilla cutting for sale:

For other small farmer or private natural reserve that wants to
start they own vanilla plantation.  We provide technical
assistance is needed.

The idea is to work with other ONG and apply for a grant to
expand our project into other areas of the Rio San Juan. The
vanilla and other spices could provide substantial income to
other small farmer in the area, thus helping stop the
deforestation of the agricultural frontier in the rain forest.
Vanilla Planifolia pod
Vanilla Pompona  Pod             Vanilla Planifolia Pod
vanila pompona vines
Vanilla Planifolia vines
Cured Vanilla
pompona beans
ready for sale.
Vanilla Bean Orchid 80 cm long fresh cutting from
Montecristo, Rio San Juan., the ideal size for planting
directly into a trainer tree like cacao, or other fruit

Vanilla Planifolia 80 cm cutting sell for $4.50 each
Vanilla Pomona 80 cm cutting  sell for $2.50 each

Minimum order 100 cutting, price at our Reserve,
estimated shipping cost $50.00 per 100 cuttings.

If interested, please contact via WhatApp Mr. Alfonso Agustin
Llanes at 505 86499012  
Vanilla Planifolia