International fishing
tournament Sept 13 & 14,  
Getting ready to go fishing in Rio San Juan, Nicaragua
Fishing in Rio San Juan
Tarpon fishing Rio San Juan 2
another tarpon ready to be released
19 and 20 of January 2011

Fred Hanghton and Henry Mains from Canada the got tarpon and
release it successfully

Bill Watson and Dove Featherstone from Canada they got bites,
piques but were not able to capture and release.

Bryan Watson and Arnold Mcrea from Canada they got bites,
"piques" but did not landed tarpon.

23 to 26 January 2011

Daniel Wolf from the US. He capture tarpon and release
successfully, have a few bites and machacas.

David Swift and Scott Nemitz from the U.S. They got tarpon and
released successfully.

Brian Motzer and Paul Wolf from the U.S. They got tarpon and
released successfully.

13 to 17 February 2011

Sandy Saan and Phil Coblente from the U.S. They capture and
release a few tarpon. One tarpon has the lure way inside so we did
not release and was given to local for food.

Warren Cline and Mathew Cline from the U.S. They both got tarpon
and release it successfully.

14-to 15 February 2011

Ted Rivenbarck from the U.S. He landed one tarpon and
successfully released.

22 to 23 February 2011

William Ramage and Ted Emineth from the U.S. They got tarpon
and released OK.

27 February to 1 of March

Mike Reid and Douglas Robin from U.S. They also got tarpon and

Andy Holloway and Kimberly Holloway got tarpon also.
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Montecristo River Lodge
Fishing Report
Rio San Juan, Nicaragua
Fishing video at
Tarpon fishing at Montecristo River Lodge
Tarpon fishing Rio San Juan
Tarpon ready to be released
Guapote de Rio San Juan
Machaca de Rio San Juan
Mr. Lee Bruno and Tom Short from Kingman, Arizona they
fish for 3 day.
17 - 21May 2011 They both got Tarpon,
and have fun with other small fish like Guapotes,
Machacas and Roncadores. The action was right at our
lodge door step. Write for referral
Tarpon on the hook, Mr. Lee Bruno with a 150 plus Tarpom on the San Juan river, Nicaragua
Two hours latter, and he still fighting the monster tarpon at Rio San Juan, Nicaragua
Minuts before the first tarpon bite Mr. Lee Bruno at rio San Juan
Just before the fishing action start
The big tarpon hit the
lures and everybody get
into action.
Sport fishing
Tarpon Fishing Rio San Juan Nicaragua. Best
fishing lodge on the San Juan River
The Famous Tarpon Camp of Rio San Juan
August 23, 2012

Fish are very active, Big Snooks are biting again

Mr.Mitch Ashwill and his son  Hayden Ashwill fished for two
days. in the morning they hook tarpon and yellow tail snook.
Tarpon fishing action in Rio San Juan
fishing action on Rio San Juan
I believe and predict a real good 2014 Tarpon fishing season
in Nicaragua´s San Juan River, the Natural phenomenon
called El Niño is creating the ideal condition for the 54
International Tarpon Fishing Tournament, this 13 and 14 of
September of 2014, this year will be spectacular, there is
abundance of specimens.

There are several annual migrations of different species of
fish, like Tarpon and snook, is part of the cycle of life, they
swimming into the great lake Nicaragua and its tributaries,
spread and spawn in protected waters, their larvae develop in
to juvenile until ready to swim down river back to the Atlantic

Beside the migration of adults and juveniles at different times,
there are also colonies of resident adult fish in the lake and in
the river, and remain year-round in the area. They are the
giants of their species, the true monsters of river.
The abundance of juvenile, shows us an healthy  adult
population in the San Juan River, it has big fish year-round
and Montecristo River Lodge has become the famous Tarpon
Camp of the 1960´s. The ideal hotel, for sport fishing.

Montecristo River eco Lodge, is a rustic, fully self-sustaining,
¨Off the Grid¨,  it is not luxurious but it is nice and clean, with
large gardens, its location in the dense tropical forest, is a
jewel their private wildlife reserve, which deserves to be visited
by all travelers who venture into San Juan.
See Tournament wining report
Fly fishing is very difficult because of current
and the water is not clear. It is s almost
impossible for most fly fishermen