Cuartos / Rooms
Family Cabin #1 / Cabaña Familiar #1
This cabin has 3 small rooms one bathroom, breakfast table river view.
Esta cabaña tiene 3 cuartos un baño, balcon desayunador con vista al rio.
Cabaña familiar #2, two beds, bathroon, living room, river view, two
entrance door.
Cabaña familiar #2 dos camas, baño, sala, vista al rio, dos puertas
de entrada.
Apartament # 1 and # 2 Two bed, large bathroom,
Apartamentos #1 y #2 dos camas, baño amplio.
We are an eco-lodge, we use solar energy and a fuel
generator as backup, we have two water well for
potable water and also collect rain water for cleaning
and gardening.

We recycle and reutilize as much as possible, all our
facilities has septic tanks, we don’t contaminate the
river, we also do compost and grow some fruits.
Please come to our eco lodge and support  our effort
to protect the environment.